Our Philosophy

At Bragg Comer Financial Advisors, LLC, financial knowledge, combined with appreciation for each client’s situation in life is what every client is offered and can expect.

I believe financial planning is about sharing your life, hopes, dreams and concerns with someone who will listen carefully and partner with you to make decisions and plan strategically for the future. I am passionate about understanding the desires of our clients and developing long-lasting relationships with them. I know every day of your life you’ve worked hard for your money. You want a trusted, knowledgeable partner to walk with you along the path; someone who will work equally as hard to help you make the decisions that impact your future.

As a fiduciary advisor, I have a legal obligation and a professional oath to put your interests first, and I will strive to go above and beyond that obligation. Because I feel it’s so important to provide what is strictly in your best interest, and for the sole purpose of building your wealth, I work on a fee-only basis. I receive compensation only from the clients I work with and for. Therefore, I am able to provide options that are more than what is just suitable, but what is best to meet your needs, first and foremost. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fitting together the pieces of a financial plan for individuals, couples and families. I feel each situation is unique and the planning and preparation for financial security must be treated that way.

Life is all about choices and decisions. Bragg Comer Financial Advisors, LLC was established to share knowledge and offer options to people just like you, so you can have confidence in the choices and decisions you make. If you would like to learn more about me, and the services I provide, please feel free to contact me at (469) 402-2200. Initial consultations are always free and without obligation.

All written content of this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a complete description of our investment services or performance.  Materials presented in this website, or any linked website, are believed to be from reliable sources and we make no representations as to its accuracy or completeness.  All information and ideas should be discussed in detail with your investment advisor prior to implementation. Fee-only financial planning and investment advisory services are offered through Bragg Comer Financial Advisors, LLC.  Nothing on this website should imply that past results are an indication of future performance.

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